Service Schedule



Dear Faithful,


We are forwarding you the video message of Metropolitan Demetrius to the Faithful:,


and the Encyclical of the HOLY EPARCHIAL SYNOD OF THE G.O.C. IN AMERICA:



Our teleconference prayer time will be moved to 6:00 pm PST daily to join in simultaneous prayer with our Metropolitan, as well as the rest of our Faithful brothers and sisters under his omophorion.

Again, the phone number is 805-200-4840, ID 8500858.

In accordance with the California Governor’s COVID-19 regulations to limit assembly, and the directives of the Holy Synod, we are going to make certain modifications of tomorrow’s service of Adoration of thr Holy Cross.


The service will be still held with closed doors at 9:00 am. At about 9:30 -9:45 am the chanters will bring the Cross out for veneration to the people parked in our parking lot. Please, stay in the cars to help minimize any potential COVID-19 exposure.

We will take your requests and will light the candles for you at the candlestand. Please, do not hand out cash. You can send a donation (please, specify “candles”, “donation”, etc.), utilizing a  “DONATION” button on the front page of our website Also, you can place a check into a donation box, which will be brought out.

For the procession with the Cross we will drive around the block in a single-line formation. Everyone is welcome to participate. The Troparion chanting you will be able to hear through the conference line, but, please, mute your phones to avoid background noise.


Thank you for your understanding!


Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Church


P.S.: This is a link to Saint John of San Francisco Monastery in New York, where you can listen to the monks’ chants and various Sermons -