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Dear Faithful,

Christ is Risen!



Sunday, April 19 – no services.


All services can be heard on Turbobridge phone call: 805-200-4840, ID 8500858


Daily - 6 pm prayer readings.

We are also forwarding you the message kindly sent to the parish by Father John and Father Michael Knox:


“Dear All,

Fr. Michael and I greet everyone in anticipation of the Feast of the Glorious Resurrection of Our Saviour. After my last visit the first week of March none of us would have thought we would be living under these circumstances.  These are dark and confusing times for sure but like the feast teaches us when Our Saviour went down into Hades it will eventually become radiant, bright, and cheerful. It was very edifying for all of us at St John's to hear about the efforts you all made to tune out all the distractions and fears during the Great Fast.  Like any struggles we have in our lives there are many teachings to help us to understand them and blessings to get from them.

Sometimes though we need Our Saviour to bend our necks for us and temper our will because we are unwilling to.  We travel through our lives at breakneck speed and it 's necessary to put the brakes on sometimes and slow down and pay attention to all He has given us rather than being so ungrateful for all we have.  

This morning when I got up early and opened the door my surprise it was snowing and the ground was all white.  My first reaction of course was this isn't good but then I remembered the gospel for this morning that I read in advance last night...."And behold, there was an earthquake: for an angel descended from Heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat upon it,   His countenance was like lightning, and His rainment white as snow"....

Tonite is a time to enter into the light that brightly shines from the terror of the cross and the darkness of the grave.   Always remember Our Saviour endured all these evils for all of us...purely out of His love for us.


Well, Glory be to God for all things.


Good strength and best wishes to everyone for a joyous radiant feast.

We both are looking forward to seeing everyone soon.


In Christ,

Fr. John”


Please, stay mindful of all health guidelines!

God bless you!


HTEOC Board of directors