Service Schedule

Christ is Risen!

June 11-12 - Pentecost services. Priest - Fr. Michael Knox. Schedule of the services:

Saturday - 5:00 pm - Panihida

               6:00 pm - Vespers

Sunday - 7:30 am - Hours

              8:00 am - Divine Liturgy

              9:45 am - kneeling prayers

Luncheon 10:45 am - 1:00 pm


Sundays - 10:00-11:15 am - Typica service

Please, visit in person or dial-in for our church services. 

Phone line: 805-200-4840, ID 8500858#.


Attendance guidelines - please, remember to keep face masks on, covering both nose and mouth, which are required when indoors at all times. Temperature check, COVID-19 symptom check and hand sanitizer application prior to entering is a must. 


The Icons and Holy items veneration is asked to be done by bowing only. Please, keep a 6-foot distance between persons or between families, when indoors. The church building will only be able to accommodate visitors at the 6-foot distance at this time.


Thank you for your understanding!