Anniversary of the parish!


                          Service Schedule



Dear Parishioners,


We are glad to announce that Father Paul Iwaszewicz will be visiting our parish this coming weekend, October 24-25, 2020!


Divine Liturgy will be served on Sunday, October 25, at 9:00 am, with Hours at 8:30 am, unless otherwise announced. Please, watch your emails for any changes. If you don’t mind writing down your confession on a piece of paper (which will be burned by the priest afterwards), rather than speaking (as a health precaution), please, consider doing that. Confessions will be received by Father Paul on Saturday, October 24, from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm.


Note, that special safety precautions will be applied during services to comply with the local health guidelines.



There will be no luncheon provided this time. Please, observe the 6-foot social distance.


Everyone is invited to participate every evening at 6:00 - 6:30 pm (sometimes moved to 9:00pm) in the readings of an Akathist hymn in Slavonic or English, where we also pray for ailing people by name. The teleconference phone number is 805-200-4840, ID 8500858#.

Thank you!



HTEOC Board of Directors